The principle investigators employed with our organisation have many years of debt recovery and related investigative experience. Below are relevant extracts from their C.V.s which specifically focus on the type of expertise our investigators can provide your business with and thereby enhance your debt recovery and related business performance.

Highly experienced Ex-Strathclyde Police Officer previously involved in the prevention and detection of crime, investigating numerous crimes including fraud with attachments to CID and other specialist departments.

Several years experience as a Senior Investigator with as investigation agency and as a company director in the same field performing a wide range of asset recovery work throughout the UK on behalf of leading UK Finance Companies.

Gained initial fraud investigative experience while serving as an Executive Officer in a Government Special Investigations Department specialising in the detection and reporting of fraud.

Highly experienced debt recovery investigator who, in the past 20 years, has fulfilled a variety of related positions within financial institutions such as Royscot Trust PLC, National Home Loans PLC, Security Pacific Trust Ltd. and Citibank Savings.

This work covered areas such as conducting field visits to corporate clients and consumer customers to negotiate the collection of arrears revenue; conducting audits on vehicles and other assets subject to sub-hire and unit stocktaking agreements; obtaining credit information for underwriting of proposed transfer/assignment of finance agreements; control of a portfolio of problematic mortgage arrears cases and the resolution of same, including repossession; tracing defaulting customers and the counselling of defaulting customers.

Previous experience as an investigator performing arrears collections, tracing and repossession work on behalf of leading UK Finance companies.



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